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Quick Align is not your ordinary auto repair shop in San Marcos, TX. We aren’t a national chain owned by a stranger in another state. We are a local shop dedicated to the San Marcos community! We consider ourselves your neighbors. That’s why we offer customer rides, fast friendly service, and over 70 years of experience. If you’re looking for an auto repair shop in San Marcos, TX let us tell you why Quick Align is the right choice for you! 

Personalized service is our specialty. We want to be your fist choice of auto repair shop in San Marcos, TX . We take pride in providing friendly and fast service. Everyone’s case is unique, however, depending on parts available, most cars are able to be repaired in a day! Our advanced technology allows for fast and accurate diagnosis of most vehicles regardless of the model. 

Staying current means keeping up with constant changes. We are enrolled in a program through AC Delco which keeps us up to date. We also only use top of the like products and services through Car Quest, O’Reilly, Mood, Full Service and Jendham. Both our up to date equipment and technical information allow us to diagnose and repair almost any car, including later models. Our auto repair shop in San Marcos, TX is known for our wheel alignment system, brake service equipment, and our computer diagnostic scanners. Many shops in the area and even new car dealerships outsource repairs to our shop because they lack the proper equipment necessary. Quick Align maintains a constantly updated system that allows us to perform timely and accurate repairs. It’s no wonder we were voted best of Hays auto repair shop in San Marcos, TX. If you want to see for yourself, schedule a consultation with Quick Align today!