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You’re stopped in traffic on an August afternoon. Sweat drips down your neck all the way down your back until your shirt absorbs it making a damp spot between you and the seat. Your legs are either stuck to the vinyl or pricked by its cheap velvet. Your hands feel like they’re about to slip off the steering wheel, and your thankful your eyebrows are keeping the sweat from running into your eyes. Well mostly. What’s missing from this picture? A functioning automotive air conditioner. 

If you find yourself in the scenario above, then you seriously need to get a car AC repair in San Marcos, TX. This isn’t something you want to put off either. It’s one thing to be drenched in sweat on a hot afternoon while walking outside. It’s another to be inside a car on a hot afternoon. The heat inside a car can increase ten-fold due to its confining space, and with no air conditioning, you may risk a heat stroke. This is why you should take a car AC repair in San Marcos, TX seriously. 

Looking for a reliable and reputable car mechanic for your car AC repair in San Marcos, TX doesn’t have to be a difficult search. Quick Align has been working in the industry for over 70 years, and we’re local and family-owned. We aren’t some national chain owned by someone else in another state, we’re your neighbors. Since we know the area, we’re able to help in a manner that best fits your location. We have up-to-date equipment and technical information, as well as the certification to show you that we’re your best choice for a car AC repair in San Marcos, TX. 

So if you’re in need of fixing your auto air conditioner, don’t sit around and wait for the solution to magically appear. Bring your vehicle to Quick Align for the highest quality service, and bring some much-needed cooling air in your car again.